Golden Rise Meet: WWIM12

Over the weekend Rafael and I attended our very first World Wide Insta Meet. It was so much fun! And once again, like at the 500px and Fujifilm photo walk we went to last weekend,  it was great meeting new people and enjoying a nice hike in the great, beautiful outdoors.

We all met up around 6AM to catch the sunrise out in Santa Clarita. I used to wake up by 5AM for two years straight for work, so although I was a little tired, I was also very excited and ready to start my day. This was the Golden Rise Insta Meet’s third year. The event was hosted by Attila, (IG: @popscure) a very easy going man and fellow explorer and photo enthusiast. It’s always nice to meet other people passionate about photography and the beauty of nature. Most people at the Golden Rise Meet seemed to already known one another or had met at past events, but Attila was a wonderful host that quickly made me feel at ease and welcomed. I think this day is the day it officially felt like Autumn to me. That cool morning air, and the fact that I can finally wear long socks again in the day. The sun is setting earlier as well now.

Someone actually brought a few smoke bombs, and one of them happened to slightly match my hair, so I was asked to model with it. This was my second time being photographed by a bunch of people at once, and once again I surprised myself by really getting into it and not feeling very shy at all. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, but I have definitely gotten a lot more comfortable in front of the camera within recent years.


Atilla brought us all Starbucks. Nothing like a cup of hot coffee to start the day!





Our host Atilla




The red smoke bomb I captured with my Izzi Slim case





This is another BTS shot of Rafael capturing photos of me with the red smoke, photographed by Joe Montoya of (IG: joe_montoya)


On our way back to the cars

This guy walking in front of me brought his own music to the party. As soon as Parov Stelar started playing, I officially knew this was another magical day I would never forget.

For more photos from the other photographers, you can check out the Instagram hashtag: #goldenrisemeet

I truly can’t wait for the next Instameet! Thank you all for reading!



Photos of me by Rafael Hernandez.


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