October in the Angeles Forest

It feels like I haven’t updated my blog in a bit. Most of my audience is on Instagram, and most people don’t want to really read blogs anymore. It’s true, I have let this discourage me a bit, and I haven’t even posted any Wednesday Reflections post as of late, but hopefully this will change soon. Lately I have been letting my photos do most of the talking, but words are still needed here and there, and there are those out there that still appreciate them. Here are photos from my trip to the Angeles Forest!

Rafael bought a new 12mm lens that he used with his 5DMarkii for some of these photos last Monday. It gives a cool fish eye look to images. It was really fun to test out at the Angeles Forest!

Pacific Crest Trail

I finally have a selfie stick! Surprisingly, I’ve never owned one until now. Having naturally long arms and my Izzi Gadgets case (which I actually didn’t bring with me this day) with my fish eye lens, are probably two of the main reasons I’ve never felt the need to purchase one. But it is definitely fun to use.

I took a few photos with my Nikon FM10. I hope I can get them developed soon. I am actually trying to sell my Canon T3i, so I have been trying to get back into using my film camera.



I love that there was a quaint little bench on this trail!




Rocking my Peruvian bag gifted to me by my grandma
Selfing in the great outdoors is so much fun










We always eat at the Raccoon Salon & Cafe, but this time we ate at the Grizzly Cafe. The food was just as good of course! I love that they add sprinkles to their hot chocolate. Of course in my enthusiasm to take a photo, I spilled a bit of my hot cocoa on the side. Go figure.


It made me happy to see pumpkins. Sadly, this year has been pretty hot here in SoCal, and it’s already mid-October and it’s just barely starting to kind of cool down. This bums me out because it hasn’t really felt like Fall, but escaping to the forest, drinking hot cocoa, and taking photographs of pumpkins definitely brightened my spirits.

Thank you for reading!





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