Pumpkin Carving Magic

I started off my weekend carving my very first pumpkin in what felt like ages. I’ve always been busy working, and pumpkin carving passed me by throughout the years, or I was just never in the mood for it. I am so happy this year I finally got to participate in carving my very own pumpkin. Pumpkin carving is so therapeutic. I was having a rather bleh kind of day and feeling stressed about some things, but sitting there for maybe a good hour really helped me forget about my troubles for a bit. It was so relaxing!






I really missed the smell of pumpkins. Taking out all the seeds/pulp requires great patience, that’s for sure. And lots of time!

Before carving I decided to make some quick pumpkin sketches in my scrapbook. I chose the more traditional because I think I will always love those little triangular pumpkin eyes. They hold a certain type of mystery and October magic. I gave it my own little touch with blushing cheeks. I love the way he turned out, because I honestly was afraid I’d have a disaster on my hands, but I think I tend to doubt myself a lot.

My dachshund, Delilah has always been so photogenic and adorable. I love her.

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