Downtown LA Nights & Disneyland


Here are some more photos I never got to share from the weekend and from a few weeks ago at The Broad museum. Rafael and I also went to Disneyland on Saturday, which was a lot of fun. Our annual passes are about to expire soon, so I’m happy we made it back on time.

The Broad


Since we didn’t have reserved tickets, one day Rafael and I decided to just wait in line and get in to The Broad that way. We waited maybe an hour and a half tops. It was pretty cool and worth the wait. It’s also fun to get photos there of course. Depending on how much you really appreciate art and if you’re really into taking photos, you can probably spend about 40 minutes to an hour in there.


I was first introduced to Takashi Murakami back in 2006 at the Ecstasy Exhibit. I actually hadn’t even read up on what artists were featured at The Broad, so when I walked into this exhibit and instantly recognized Murakami’s work, I was pleasantly surprised.


I chose the perfect day to finally wear one of the beautiful sailor style vintage dresses I got from the lovely She Loves Dresses. I love Jenny! Probably the sweetest and most authentic blogger I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! It’s sleeveless, but since it was a bit cold I wore it with my favorite Bar III moto jacket and Steve Madden Troopa’s. These combat boots are the best shoes I’ve ever owned. I had another pair or Steve Madden mid length boots before these that I wore a lot and really loved. When it comes to boots, Steve Madden shoes just feel so good on my feet!! I do a lot of walking, so this is very important for me to have comfortable but also stylish shoes.




Light Tunnel in Little Tokyo


Waiting for my ramen!

Downtown L.A.

Keepin’ the 90’s dark lip trent alive and well
Walt Disney Concert Hall




Minnie Mouse ears I scored at Goodwill on year

Since I missed the Halloween decorations for Disneyland this year, I am so happy I was able to at least make it for the Christmas decorations again.

Main Street Christmas tree


The cutest Minnie Mouse balloon ever

Rafael and I waited at least 80 minutes to get into the new Space Mountain Star Wars theme ride. It was worth it though and a lot of fun, but it wasn’t that different from the original Space Mountain of course. Same concept, just with added Star Wars elements. Good thing I remembered to bring my Stormtrooper beanie with me!


California Adventure


I still remember the early years of California Adventure when it had just recently opened. It is so different now! Back then there just wasn’t a lot to do, and I always just wanted to go back to Disneyland. California Adventure has definitely evolved and grown so much. I love walking around now and it’s also great for photos. I might be going back again in December so I’m excited for that.

Coffee for the drive back home



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