So it’s 2016…


Happy 2016 everyone! There’s something about this year that has me really feeling surprised that it’s another new year. Maybe it’s because 2015 seems to have gone by really fast. Or do they all seem to just go by really fast? Hmm…no matter. We survived another year. Hooray!

Rafael and I started off the weekend trying to find snow. We just went to this small, sleepy town called Tehachapi, but that proved a bit unsuccessful. We’re hoping with the coming rain this week, there will be even more snow by this weekend in places such as Wrightwood. We just really want some nice snow photos. Living in SoCal our whole lives means it’s always a rare treat to see snow. And me personally, I just really love being in snow, walking around in it and staring at it. Plus, I love the cold. When you spend most of your life deprived and don’t officially spend time in snow and see it up close and personal until the age of 26, when you find snow to play in from that moment after, you slightly freak out and act like a kid again. It never gets old!23493922894_9e0858dc65_c


Rafael can’t handle the cold as well as I can apparently
View from Hollywood Bowl Overlook


Posing for our friend, Fern
Farmer’s Market & The Grove




The day after the snow, Rafael and I met up with our friend, Fernando, and finally checked out the Hollywood Bowl Overlook. You can get a nice view of Los Angeles if you’re tired of places such as Griffith Observatory for those kinds of views. But even the overlook was a bit too touristy for me. It was a lot more packed than I thought it was going to be, and there were more than a few of those Hollywood tourist cars parked in the vicinity. However, it was still a nice experience, and we stayed until after sunset so Fernando and Rafael could get some good night shots of the city.

To continue playing tourist, we stopped by The Grove afterwards. I hadn’t been there in a while, so it was cool to pay a visit again. As if our day hadn’t already been “L.A.” enough, we also bought some Sprinkles cupcakes. I’ve always loved their cupcakes. I finally tried their chocolate peanut butter. So good!

I finally took the time to try testing out video footage on my new iPhone 6s over the weekend. Some of the video was shot with 4k, and others were not. I feel like Youtube always kills the quality of videos shot with any iPhone I have, but the 4k footage on my phone actually looks pretty nice. Here compressed on Youtube? Meh…Am I not doing something right? Well, for starters, next time I take video footage of myself talking, I will not use the front facing camera anymore like I did for the video shot here. That was more of a test run anyways. The video I took at Zuma Beach was also not shot in 4k. I forgot to turn on the option at the time. I’m a newb okay?

I want to start trying to make vlogs and getting more creative with videos in the future. I told myself I’d never get into the Youtube seen, but it seems to be where most people are these days. When Youtube was gaining popularity at the time in what feels like my teen/high school/early twenty years, Youtube seemed so cheap and was nothing but a bunch of stupid videos that you sat on your ass and watched, for what? Shit and giggles? What an absolute time waster! To people like me, anyways. Suddenly fast forward like 10-12 years later and it’s definitely cleaned up since then with a lot more professional and informative videos.

It kind of bums me out that so many of today’s youth hardly wants to read, and all they want are pretty pictures or Youtube videos. Most people won’t even read this blog post. Maybe it’s not so much youth, but people in general, adults included, no longer want to read these days. The advancement in technology is most likely to blame. So many distractions. I even catch myself falling prey at times to all these distractions. Trust me, I LOVE technology and my pretty iPhone, etc., but I won’t let myself forget the art and therapeutic value of genuine writing or reading. No, no, no!

Alright, thank you to those that stopped by and I hope you have a wonderful day.



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