Snow Explorations


I was completely in awe of what stood before me once venturing forth to the freshly fallen snow in Wrightwood, CA. Once Rafael and I parked, because the main road that takes us to our favorite hiking trails was closed off, I stepped out and couldn’t believe my eyes. Trekking through the Angeles Forest always feels like I have stepped into a dream. I don’t think I can ever tire of Mother Nature’s natural beauty. But in winter, it is even more unbelievably beautiful. I breathed in fresh, cold air, but deep down inside I was feeling so much love and warmth.

Then it finally occurred to me, “I LOVE winter.”

24237544596_ed0d338a76_c I have always preferred the cold over hotter temperatures, but I think because I finally know what it’s like to be out in the snow and temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, for once in my life, that I come to realize that I never want winter to end. I never got to experience temperatures like this or see snow when I was younger. And now that I finally have, I don’t ever want to let it go.

The road may have been closed off to cars, but that didn’t mean we weren’t allowed to hike on the actual highway. It was so much fun. I’ve walked on abandoned/closed off roads before, but because it was covered in so much snow, it made my experience feel so unreal. I have also never seen trees covered in snow like this before. It was almost as if looking through the eyes of a child again, feeling all this disbelief and seeing everything for the first time. I honestly can’t remember when I last felt this way.

The Angeles Forest, Wrightwood, CA






My Nikon FM10





This Langly bag is great for travel/exploring!






The next day, we wanted to go back to Wrightwood a little earlier so we could hike further this time before the sunset, but because it was a Saturday, it was even more packed than before. The amount of cars trying to drive through Wrightwood was absolutely ridiculous. We decided to just turn around and go somewhere else instead. We were shooting for Snow Valley or Big Bear, but we weren’t able to find snow chains in time and had to turn around. We stopped at this one spot on the side of the road instead in Running Springs. It was still better than nothing. We were there for a short amount of time so we didn’t get very many photos, but we are hoping to go back to find more snow again this weekend. I can’t wait!

Running Springs, CA






I love when dogs come up to me and say hi. Caught him when he was going back to his owner.



All photos shot by me and 2071photo 


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