Valentine’s Inspo: Treat Yo Self or Pucker Up


It’s that time of year again. Are you one of those people that absolutely loathes this time of year? Or do you find it fun? The commercial part of the Valentines holiday is pretty tacky these days, but there are other ways to have fun with this holiday.

I was going through some old items of mine and came across my Archie’s Digest comic collection. I think I started reading and collecting them when I was ten. I remember going to the market with my parents and they’d always have a different Archie’s digest on the magazine racks. I loved these.


What makeup would modern day Veronica use? Here are some of my picks.




Sometimes Valentine’s Day is also a great excuse to treat yourself. Pre-order a copy of Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love available once again in paperback on February 9th! Having doubts about yourself, or need better guidance on how to find more happiness and love in your life? This is a must read! Making Out in Japanese by Todd and Erika Geers, is probably one of the funniest titled books I own…One day I was browsing the Japanese language section at Borders (long live Borders Bookstores!), and this immediately caught my attention. I am big on collecting books, and I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese, so I had to add this to my book collection. No regrets.

In the mood for some romantic tunes? I love French 60’s music! I picked this album up at Amoeba last year. Made in France


Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Oh Oh!

Lush will also be releasing Valentine’s products January 15th. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy a relaxing bath with one of their amazing bath bombs.



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