Shadowplay: Mod Punk Inspo


Here is a quick outfit post from yesterday. I’m feeling very 70’s and 80’s punk here. It was also National Hat Day, so of course I had to don one of my hats. I got my hair trimmed a little shorter as well and finally have my short bob back, so I’m feeling a little more like my old self again. I think the short hair really helps make this outfit.



This awesome Dia de Los Muertos brooch was given to me by one of my aunt’s for Christmas. I wish I knew where she got it from! But I really love it.

As for my Batman Ian Curtis shirt, Butcher Billy makes a lot of great pop culture art and designs/prints. If you appreciate a lot of 70’s, 80’s or 90’s music and other pop cultural references, then for sure check him out!


I noticed the train conductor hat is very in right now and look what I found? A woman from the 70’s totally wearing that hat! I suppose 70’s fashion really is back in full force after all.

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