Roaming the city in my Marvel comic book dress


The city can be grimy and unsafe mostly, it’s true. The smells are also usually unpleasant and remind you of the harsh realities many face while you are back at home cozy in bed, or sitting at the dinner table enjoying a nice meal. But don’t let that discourage you. There are special places you can find in the city and reflect in solitude, or reflect in visual enigma every now and then as well. Sometimes you just have to make your own magic. If you are also out with the right company, sometimes those dark corners of urban life temporarily dissipate and you’re left with a special kind of warm feeling in your heart. It can be a warm feeling of your appreciation for your city if you are eventually accepting of its unpleasantness and strange beauty at the same time, or just a warm feeling of having the ability to bring your own magic with you wherever you may go, while inspiring others to do the same.

Shout out to Angie, whoever you are or wherever you may be

Here I am sitting atop my Urban Throne. I finally got to wear the Marvel comic bodycon dress one of my friends gave me recently. It was actually given to her by someone else, and I believe it’s from Forever 21 if my online research is correct. It’s no longer available and sold out of course. I had no idea Forever 21 even sold Marvel. But that’s cool. This dress is so comfortable! Oh and I pose a lot with my hand on my hip or in my hair, I know…I never said I was a model.




I’ve never been to Elysian Park before, or Echo Park for that matter. Kind of surprising. But because Rafael and I were on a time schedule, I didn’t really get to explore the park.



This beautiful silver heart necklace used to be my mom’s in the 70’s or early 80’s. I feel like they don’t really make all silver chokers like this anymore. If they do, they must be pretty expensive. I mean, brands that make unique chokers that aren’t even silver to begin with are like $30-50. So I wonder what something like this would retail for here in the 21st century now. This is a piece I would never sell to anybody, though. I have another all silver necklace that’s even more intricate than this one, but that one connects with a clasp (the one I’m wearing doesn’t) and the clasp needs to be repaired or else I’d be rocking that one all the time too.



Vintage jewelry is the best jewelry.



Contemplating how I’m going to conquer my next project
View from the Walt Disney Concert Hall

No matter the dark, always try to bring your own light.

Much love,


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All photos by Rafael Hernandez



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