Dresslink Dress Review: Bold & Bright or Dark & Mysterious 

Hello everyone! I am happy to finally share the beautiful dresses sent to me by the online retail company, Dresslink. Do a lot of you like to online shop? If so, then let me tell you a little bit about this company.


If most of you have never heard of Dresslink, they are basically a worldwide online retail seller and specialize in mostly Korean style women’s fashion. They sell clothing, lingerie, jewelry, and even beauty accessories/cosmetics. They also sell some children’s clothes for all you momma bears out there. They are always having sales going on too. It almost reminds me of Yesstyle in a way. At first glance, you may notice that their prices are pretty cheap. Some dresses even go for only $0.99 to $0.01, which are usually flashbuy products. This is mostly because depending on how many items you purchase, the shipping prices start to go up. Because everything is shipped from Hong Kong, if you live in the U.S. such as myself, keep in mind the items may take up to 2 weeks to get to you. There are different shipping methods you can choose from, but the cheapest I believe, can take up to 2-3 weeks. They also offer free shipping items, but I noticed that’s mostly with their jewelry products.

These two dresses were bought with a $20 limit Dresslink gave me to spend. With most online retail stores, just one good quality dress like this can be a lot more than $20, so this was such a great purchase! Both these dresses are really simple but elegant. I am so happy.







I don’t have very many red dresses in my life, so I decided to choose this retro-style dress by the brand, Meaneor. This is a minimal cotton dress and it’s so comfortable! I love that it has a black collar too. This dress is available not only in red, but in purple and black as well. Believe me, it was very difficult not to choose the black (of course) or the dark purple (Hello, it would have matched my hair!), but since I knew I would be receiving the dresses this month (Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day), I wanted to go with something different and bright. Red is a beautiful color too. I paired this dress with one of my favorite go-to red matte lipsticks in Fraise by Bite Beauty, which is considered a “jewel red.” This makes a cute date dress, or something to wear to the next Dapper Day at Disneyland! Visit an awesome art installation or run around town with this dress! I give this a 10/10.

I am big on reading online reviews before I purchase anything online, and I noticed that some women stated that the sizes on this site could run small because they are mostly Asian sizes of course. I have usually never had issues with Asian size charts considering I’ve always been an xs to a small, and although fairly taller than the average woman, I am still 5’6″. I have usually only had issues with dresses being a bit too short, and since this was my first time ordering from this site, I decided to go with Mediums. Turns out I could have gotten Smalls after all! These two dresses run true to size! The red dress is pretty big on me, so I had to adjust it a bit to properly fit my body type.


The black boho style dress is still a little loose on me, but because of the style, it works. I believe there were no smalls available either at the time when I chose this black dress. The black dress was only $0.99 As of now it is $5.75 The prices usually depend on the sales they are having at the time. This is more of an evening or party type dress. I am also in love with the lace detail on this beauty! Notice how I paired both different styles with berets and knee high socks? At first I wasn’t going to wear the boho dress with a beret, just the typical floppy hat or fedora, but I love how the beret gives this look more of a romantic vibe. This dress also gets a 10/10!

Both dresses are so gorgeous. So worth the wait and the price!












Meaneor Long Sleeve Red Dress

Lace Patchwork Loose Mini Party Dress

$0.01 Items

Free Shipping Items

Photos by Rafael Hernandez

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