Ventura Beach Vibes

I hope everyone is having a decent week so far! This was the first time I finally went to the beach with my sister this year. We took her boyfriend’s American Bully, Major, along with us! He is the absolute sweetest, and most well-behaved dog I’ve ever met. My sister is a big fan of beaching at Ventura, and I just realized that I’ve only ever stopped at one beach out there, and it was just a quick stop on a drive back from Santa Barbara, so I’ve never really gotten to enjoy a nice beach day in that area. I really love the spot my sister took me to. It was a perfect beach day, and I was quite surprised by the amount of people kite surfing, especially on a Monday. I don’t think I’ve ever really witnessed people kite surf before, so it was cool to watch. Within ten minutes of arriving at the beach, however, a random 20-something year old guy tried to chat us up and invite himself to hang out with us, which temporarily ruined our fun for a good thirty minutes.

This guy seemed to be alright. Of course he started it out with the good ‘ol, “Can I pet your dog?”line. But then when he asked if he could chill with my sister and I, naturally we both hesitated, but me being the person that I am, I had to just say “Suuure…” (sometimes I make the mistake of giving everyone in life a chance) much to my sister’s dismay. If I had known he was going to make himself at home and over stay his welcome, I would have said no way…he also seemed like he was high on something, which I hadn’t realized before, so my sister and I just felt really awkward and uncomfortable the entire time. It took thirty minutes for me to finally ask him to politely leave. He acted a little pouty/offended about it, like he felt he was entitled to be around us for the rest of the day, which I suspected was how he was going to act, but luckily he finally left us alone after that. During the time he was trying to hang out with us, this older woman comes up to us and asks us all if we’ve seen a black thong anywhere…I must say, while the beach was gorgeous and it was a fun day, there were a lot of interesting people there as well.













It’s funny how this one girl on Facebook commented on a post of mine last month with a snarky comment, laughing at it, and saying that I “always complain about men,” but it’s just instances like what happened to my sister and I this day that give me plenty of reasons to feel annoyed at most men in the first place. I’ve been harassed and told what to do by men my entire life. When I want to call them out, I will call them out. Of course I’m not saying all men do this, but it’s just annoying when people try to laugh at your experiences, or basically tell you to just get over it and chill out. I told this girl to unfriend me of course, and she did just that thankfully. Should I also mention she was related to my ex? No surprise there.

This year continues to be a very big learning experience. There are so many types of people in this world, and I am still learning how to filter out the toxic people that find their way into my life. Appreciate each and every day as often as possible. Despite all the hate in the world, there is still always beauty to behold and experience. When you find a moment of peace, bask in it for as long as possible.



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