Modern Day Witch Memoirs: An Introduction

A Creative Photo Essay.

Sometimes it feels like galaxies are swimming through my head, like my mind is a symphony of all sorts of realities and possibilities. I dream daily. Sometimes in the land of sleep, other times in the waking world, just like any other ordinary individual. Sometimes my dreams are extremely vivid, other times they are often a blur. Rarely, they give me glimpses of the future, such as deaths in the family whenever they happen in two’s.

Murcof’s “The Call of Circe” plays eerily in the background—opera singing that sounds as if you are trapped or submersed under water—a mermaid’s ballad.

It began in my childhood, this haunting feeling of being surrounded by the nether world. Every time the lights would go out, I was afraid to sleep, afraid to dream. I felt things, I saw things. I had out of body experiences of myself floating through the air of my parents modest home in North Hollywood, CA, previously built in the 70’s. If any song were to be the background noise of the nights I spent as a child, battling the land of sleep and spirits, perhaps “The Call of Circe” would be the one.






I believe in magic. I believe in the power of karma. All my life I have more often been judged and thrown aside as the outcast than welcomed with open arms, free of judgement. Perhaps this is the reason I often walk alone, and now only welcome a select few people into my life. Everyone will judge someone at one point in their lives (yes, even I am guilty of it), but to pass judgement constantly is to trap oneself in a one-dimensional world.

Sometimes we need strength to help guide us. More often than not, we just need to believe in ourselves to create the magic in our lives. It’s been a long time coming, but this blog post is dedicated in my attempts at eventually publishing my very first memoir. I know I have a long ways to go, but I have faith in myself. I feel like I have a lot to say, but I need to find a way to organize and gather my thoughts. I chose to use witch in the title, because since the age of five I have been drawn to witches, and have felt in tune with everything witchy and magical. I may not always practice magick, unless you include the occasional tarot readings and charging my crystals under the moonlight, but I know there’s always been a little bit of magic inside of me. I am a modern day witch.

I want to keep practicing on my writings, and sharing little anecdotes or excerpts of my life here on the blog. Sometimes I don’t feel satisfied though. Sometimes I’m not happy with the structure I use. Maybe it’s weak, maybe it’s just not good enough, I often think to myself. But…I have been told that I am often too hard on myself. This is a new fact I learned this year and will continue to be aware of.

Surrounding myself with more people I vibe with and share the same wave length with, is a beautiful discovery and eye opening experience, each and every time. I love when friends and people in general are honest and truthful with me. Sometimes it hurts, and other times you feel relieved. I feel encouraged and motivated to keep on expressing myself and perfect my craft. Welcome to my little witchy and magical world.




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