Goodbye 2016: A Reflection

2016—I must say, it’s been quite the year. Where do I even begin? What do I want to say and what do I want to share? Someone recently told me that they love how honest and transparent my blog is, in a “world where everyone is trying to be something they’re not.” Well, this is a very nice compliment. I’ll take it. When people notice my honesty, that always means a lot to me because it’s why I still bother to run this blog in the first place. I have always been an honest and open person, despite criticism or being surrounded by people that feed off of lies and a false image. Maybe this is one of the main things I’ve been able to overcome this year: distancing myself from people that are anti-truth, and that are more concerned with their own selfish pursuits. 2016 should be known as the year I finally got my sparkle back, thanks to finally putting myself first and no longer surrounded by negative forces that plagued my very being and sucked out the life in me. It is the year I learned to officially speak up for myself and no longer take any shit from manipulative and self-centered assholes. It is also the year I have had to deal with harassment from prank phone calls to inappropriate text messages, and people trying to call me with fake numbers. 2016 did not break me. It only made me fucking stronger and more determined than ever to keep on succeeding and accomplishing my goals.

I’ve endured a lot this year, and it all started when I finally found the courage to leave a long, toxic on and off relationship with someone that was constantly pointing out my flaws, and made me feel like I would never be good enough for them. Despite all that, a lot of good came out of this year when I also decided to go back to school to finally pursue my English/creative writing degree. After that, everything changed, and all for the better of course. This has been an extremely fulfilling year for me, and a year of finally being able to act like my old self again. I feel great.

Every day of my life I learn something new. I reflect daily, and I constantly observe—not just in my environment—but those around me. Always observe. Always pay attention to who is really there for you and who isn’t.


Important lessons and reflections that have stood out to me this year more than any other year:

  1. I shine and glow the most around other happy and self-confident people that are not focused on comparing themselves to others or putting others down, but focused on their goals and supporting their friends. For too many years I was surrounded by people with internal conflicts and cynical and bitter/petty personality traits they often took out on me. I was patient and kind, but it eventually wore me down and brought out the worst in me, and broke my spirit. 2016 is the year I finally found the courage to end all that. Find the right people that are there for you 100 percent and are capable of honest and genuine attitudes. Those are the people you will grow the most around, and will bring out the best in you.
  2. No matter how much you try to surround yourself with good, genuine people, there will still always be haters out to see you fail, or hypocrites and liars that find their way into your life. It requires strength, patience, and a firm attitude to deal with these individuals. Never ever let them walk over you or manipulate you.
  3. Pay close attention to those friends that congratulate you on your accomplishments and those that are always oddly quiet and never really seem supportive of your endeavors.
  4. Haters are the people that talk shit about you, but come back to still view your insta-stories and “stalk” your life. I used to get so down on people that hated on me and I always wondered why they’d spend so much energy hating on me when I was just trying to live my life, but I now realize there are more important things in the world to worry about, and haters/critics are just tiny specs of proof that you’re obviously doing something right and you have something they don’t. Keep doing you, and don’t let the haters get you down.
  5. Selfish and manipulative people will never ever admit their faults and will always find someone else to blame or blame you, when things don’t go their way or you don’t bend to their will. These people are not worth your time, especially when you’ve already dealt with people like this for years on end. Walk away while you can.
  6. This is the year I attended all female lectures/talks and it was so empowering and made me feel so good inside. I highly suggest any woman attend conferences or discussions curated for women by other women. I still often see women acting catty with other women, or women that claim they’re supportive of other women but will quickly turn on them or suddenly become jealous of them. I just wish more people and women could come together to help support one another.
  7. Creative writing workshops are a lot of fun and it’s great to get feedback from other writers.



Here are some more recent photos I never got to share on the blog.

Los Angeles Zoo Lights
















My favorite nude lipstick of 2016 by Kat Von D in Lolita II


Same pose, different day. Forever Witchy and Magical. Going back to my natural hair color and letting my hair grow long for the first time in forever has been satisfying. I feel brand new.



It’s definitely been real 2016. But despite many people saying their year was horrible, I surprisingly had a pretty damn, good year. There is so much horrors going on in the world, and people suffering daily. I can’t complain about a damn thing. Thank you all for following me on my journey and I look forward to the new year. Stay safe and stay strong, and do yourself a favor and remember to always be true to yourself.



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