It’s all about self-love baby

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another Valentine’s-inspired fashion set. *gag*” Well, my dears, I’m hear to remind you that this is the time of year where society tries to make you feel bad for being single or feel like you need to buy heart-shaped everything. Wrong! Don’t fall for it, and just remember if you’re annoyed with this up-coming holiday, how about having a fun date night with yourself or friends, or even a fun photo shoot taking self portraits, like I did? If you love this up-coming holiday, then good for you. If you’re on the fence or completely loathe it, then I can’t blame you. It’s all consumerism. Sadly, that’s the way the world works these days. Sometimes you just gotta say, “Fuck trying to constantly give myself to other people. What about me?” I’m not here to preach and say “love yourself 100 percent, think positive thoughts…” I’m here to help remind you that when you are in a state of mind to start loving more of yourself again, there is so much you can do and so much you can learn in order to keep evolving.

Valentine season shouldn’t just be about the month of romantic love, but the month of more self-love, as well.

While I am definitely a fan of hearts, and always will be, I also love skulls, and you won’t always catch me wearing a bright red dress. That’s why if you do want to buy yourself something nice, I highly recommend the Valfre Drop Dead case! (Available for iPhone only) Photo set below!

Hello? Oh…Sorry. I don’t have time for fuck boys. *click*

*Fun Fact: This is a beautiful vintage pin I found at an antique shop. It pairs beautifully with this beret! I love shopping at antique stores whenever I can. You never know what you’re going to find!*

Nothing but self-love baby
I’m sorry, but your dick pics don’t impress me
Don’t tell me to smile
Nico Michelle Barbie: Loves art museum trips, sipping on cream sherry, Anais Nin, and exploring antique shops

*Fun Fact: I actually did not photoshop my eyes. Sometimes the light makes my eyes look blue or green when I wear these frames*

Can you not? All I wanna do is eat a large pizza right now, not talk to you

*Fun Fact: This dress is actually 1-2 sizes too big for me, which is why i hardly wear it, but I mean, it’s cute right?! I need to take it to a dressmaker eventually.*

Nah…just tease him instead
Mirror-Selfie Pose. That tilt to the head.

Self-Love Activities/Things to Remember

♡ Dress up and have a photo shoot with yourself

♡ Attend a women’s panel, curated by women for women (it’ll change your life and open your eyes, trust)

♡ Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships (cliche or old news? Idk, I still haven’t been, but I hear it’s interesting)

♡ Don’t be afraid to try something new, period.

♡ Take artsy/silly photos of your wonderful friends and bond together. (Challenge: Only use film! Too expensive? Nevermind!)

♡ Buy a notebook and strictly dedicate it to self-love projects/things that make you happy/what you love about yourself/what you hope to accomplish

♡ Don’t ever let another person define who you are. Unless you’re a serial killer, then yeah, you’re a serial killer. That’s bad.

♡ Surround yourself with people that are there to cheer you on, not constantly criticize you or constantly focus on your flaws (They suck and they’re just insecure with themselves).

♡ In this technology-fueled world, it’s okay to block or unfollow people that make you feel unhappy, or aren’t bringing much growth into your life

♡ Underrated girl power artists/entrepreneurs to check out: Creepy Gals and Elva Lexa

♡ Remember to drink plenty of water. I am a big fan of water, but I am shocked whenever I remember that many people do not drink enough water, and overtime this can affect your health. Love your body! Take care of yourself. NO, this is not me saying “go on a diet,” this is me saying, be mindful of what you put in your body and enjoy that pizza, but also try and eat an apple or two while you’re at it.

♡ Have a date night with yourself at least once in your life! It’s fun. I once went and had a romantic cupcake and coffee date with myself, and then took myself to see the last Hobbit movie. Everyone always laughs when I say I watched the Hobbit by myself because it was so long, but I had a damn good time. Thank you very much.

Hey guys, I also have something for you…

Things Thirsty Guys Really Need to Stop Doing:

♡ Stop creeping into our DM’s and trying to start a conversation out of thin air because of our snap story, trying to awkwardly flirt with us at the same time (especially when we don’t really even know you or have never met in person)

♡ If you have a girlfriend and you even have photos of you and her together for everyone to see, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try and talk to me and tell me you think I’m cute or that my latest selfie basically made you pop a boner. You’re gross and I hope your gf dumps you soon.

♡ When you meet a girl and she only gives you her social network info/accounts out of kindness, because she needed an excuse to curb your “Can I have your phone number?” line, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT message her the same day/night and send her a weird fucking paragraph telling her how nice she looked that day or how you really want to hang out with her the very next day/same week. You’re gonna get blocked and put on her creeper list.

♡ If you hook up with a girl a few times in the past, don’t think that means you are forever going to be on her mind and you get to try and flirt with her and meet up with her later in life. If things never worked out between the two of you and she hasn’t made any effort to contact you or speak to you, guess what? She’s not thinking about you and doesn’t want you Facebook messaging her stuff telling her you want to “remind” her how good she looks. REMIND?! Excuse me, but she knows she looks good. A proper grown woman does not need reminding. *Ghosted/Blocked*

♡ Dear men that can’t stand women using the dog filter on Snapchat. FUCK YOU. When does your opinion ever matter? Goodbye.

♡ Dear men: We are not objects. If you flirt with every girl on the planet/sexualize every woman, you’re extremely weak in my eyes, and you should probably never marry or date any respectable woman. Go away.

Oh, and for the nice guys… *every guy thinks they’re a nice guy*

♡ If you have a special lady in your life, you are damn lucky. Cherish her, love her not just physically, but emotionally. It’s not just about how much you spend on her or how much she spends on you. Some people like objects/receiving gifts, and start thinking that’s what a relationship is about. But the most lasting relationships last because you are there mentally and emotionally for one another.

♡ NEVER EVER tell her her stomach isn’t fucking flat enough (true story).

♡ Surprise her every once in a while. Take her to her favorite food spot, take her to a show.

♡ When she’s PMS-ing try to be as patient as possible and if she seems upset, give her a hug. Buy her food. A pizza is preferable. It’s the little things that stand out the most sometimes.

♡ This just in if you’re trying to date someone: Apparently some girls that get asked out on dates by men expect the men/would like them to pay for that date. If not, they will get highly annoyed/drop you if they have to get stuck picking up the bill. This is not the case for everyone, so you gotta be smart and figure it out!

♡ Always have mutual respect for one another.

♡ Cook her pasta and serve her a glass of wine. She will be highly impressed. (Or is that just me?)

♡ If she has dogs or cats, guess what? You gotta get on their good side too.

♡ One word: Compromise. Are you that person that always gets the first say or always like things to go your way? Newsflash, it’s not all about you! Be mindful, and remember there must always be a balance. If not, things can get rocky real fast.

I can probably go on, but I’ll stop. Thanks for reading!

It’s been a great start to the year. I feel good about a lot of things. Yes, sometimes my mind wonders and I still think about how shitty Trump is going to be in office *gag* buuuut, I just need to keep on doing me and fight whatever the next four years is going to be like. You can too. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

xoxoxo Nico

What I’m Wearing:

Polette Eyewear: Paris Frames

Dress: Dresslink

iPhone case: Valfre

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita



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