Today, I woke up to the sound of nonstop rain

Today, I woke up to the sound of nonstop rain. I woke up wondering if this was just another vivid dream of mine I had yet to wake up from. But I’m wide awake. The sun does not shine as I glance out my window—I usually prefer it this way—but today, it seems almost symbolic. I’m angry and disappointed. I feel an uncertainty in my heart, but despite this dark time in history, I will not stop fighting, I will not give up hope. As I write this, the rain only begins to pick up harder and harder. It’s frightening and incredible. I can’t remember the last time it’s continuously poured rain so much in Southern California. It’s mother nature giving us all she’s got and reminding us that we are very much alive and we have so much more work to get done. This isn’t the end. We mustn’t let it be. Fear is in the air, but my heart beats stronger than ever.


Yes, it is the end of an era, and it’s the end of my twenties. I feel somewhat of a sadness. It’ll be less than two years until I finally turn thirty. It saddens me that I will be living in a world run by a man that has absolutely no right leading this country, a man so-far removed from reality, a man fueled by his own selfish endeavors. My twenties taught me a lot, and I am so grateful to have lived them with a president like Obama. It’s time to begin anew. I am no longer a “child.” I must take on new responsibilities. I must continue to support the youth and stand with them, and help clear paths so they can enter their thirties with more hope than I currently have at the moment.

I was having a talk with a loved one about picking up painting again and they said they too wanted to try and paint at one point. Followed by, “But at the same time I’m not sure haha. I feel like I already do enough things.” But I think that’s the power of being a creative. We just want to create and create, and become one with our art. We don’t just want to feel, we want others to feel what we feel. We take pleasure and comfort in knowing that we help inspire others and open our hearts to those we too feel inspired by. And we are constantly critiquing ourselves, striving to be better.

To quote my friend Will Haynes, “I need to do better.” He’s always saying that, and he’s right. We all do. People get comfortable. People remain idle. I used to be one of those people. Sometimes I used to easily give up and back down. I am happy I no longer think that way anymore, and I’m happy I have a strong support system this time around. Backing down is no longer an option. Create. Keep that vision of a brighter and more fulfilling world alive and well.

Much love,


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