Vintage Chic: It’s all about mauve

My 80-something year old grandmother gave me this funky vintage-style carpet jacket, so naturally I had to style it and take some photos. I love my grandmother dearly; she’s the last living grandparent I’ve had for the last thirteen years, she always made sure I ate my fruits and veggies, and when my parents hated my turquoise hair, she loved it, so this photo set is totally dedicated to her!!

On a more serious note, with all that’s been happening in the media lately and in politics, #notmypresident #nevermypresident I haven’t felt like engaging much or scrolling through my social media feeds. Sometimes you need self-care breaks and to keep focusing on creating and living life to the fullest. Stay active and stay informed, but we also need to take care of ourselves if we really want to help create solutions and positive changes for our future.

I also noticed a lot of activism among more white women lately, especially with the women’s march. It’s interesting how a lot of white women constantly remain silent or don’t show support regarding the issues of #blacklivesmatter or Aleppo, or help support women of color in the fashion industry, etc. but as soon as it comes to issues such as reproductive rights, many suddenly want to use their voices. I just honestly hope white women can continue to speak up and help support people of color, and not just on issues that also affect them. Intersectionality or bust. The fight hasn’t “just started,” the fight towards unequal rights has been going on for decades for POC and the LGBTQIA community. Just remember that.

★ Call your representatives

★ Sign petitions

★ Donate to charities/causes if possible

Take a peak at

Photo set below!


I forgot I had this old spiked pink choker. I had this during my high school punk years, so I had to bring it out for revival and pair it with a more sophisticated and “grown-up” look. My fashion sense was all over the place in high school, and a friend said my style was “eccentric.” I took it as a compliment because I was happy never to dress like all the other girls. I wasn’t afraid to take chances and risks, no matter what people thought or said. My looks is a lot more polished now, but I still love incorporating rare elements to my wardrobe here and there such as this one of a kind jacket, or rare vintage accessories/jewelry.




I love this Valfre Drop Dead case! (Available for iPhone 6/6s and 7/7plus) I just can’t get enough. I bought it at one of her pop-ups in December and I actually got to speak with Valfre, herself. She is such a doll!






This jacket fits a little big on me, but I still love the way it looks. Since it’s very busy, I knew I had to pair it with something minimal. Good thing I am big on minimal fashion, so I felt this mauve Forever 21 skirt would look perfect with it!


I still can’t get over this antique face piano pin. I play the piano, so it’s perfect!



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