Stop overthinking things & take life by the reigns: Advice I wish I could give my twenty-year-old self

I’m not perfect. In fact, no one is. If there’s one piece of advice I wish I could give my twenty- year-old self, it’s this: Life is constantly going to throw challenges at you, it’s going to get tough, it’s going to get ugly, you’ll cry endless tears and sometimes have to desperately fight off toxic people that try to bring you down with them and sink your ship. Take control! Be the captain of your own ship. Take risks when you can because the more we hold ourselves back, the less we grow and the more we miss out on so many opportunities! 

Everyone fucks up at one point or another, so if fear or uncertainty is constantly holding you back, just know that you will make mistakes regardless. The point is to learn from them, keep moving forward, and don’t focus or get caught up on your failures or the negative bullshit the cards have dealt you. It will get better. You CAN make it better. Believe in yourself and your abilities. 

On that note, yes, life is scary and can get overwhelming. Sometimes we need to just step back and take a breathe of fresh air. This is why I love hiking and I love being surrounded by nature. It’s what the Earth was originally about long, long ago before all this technology and industrialization took over. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE technology. But. I’m also an Earth sign and have always felt at peace and more in tune with my soul when close to nature.











Find the souls that want to see you succeed and do not feel threatened by your advancements. Find the souls that will be there to cheer you on, as well as the souls that are also motivated to constantly challenge themselves.





More Things I’d Tell My Younger-Self

☆ It’s okay to believe in people or listen to your heart here and there, but don’t waste too much time trying to love the people that can’t always reciprocate the same feelings back. Unrequited love hurts, and instead, you can be spending that energy creating or caring and loving more of yourself/others that are willing to give you dedicated love back.

☆ Life is about patience. If you find yourself in a stressful situation and suffer from anxiety, take deep breaths and remind yourself that sometimes the only way to overcome situations are to get through them with a clear head and through determination, no matter how painful or uncomfortable. Life is about pain, but it is also about gratitude, and sometimes you even receive amazing awards at the end of the road for all the hard work you’ve done.

☆ Not everyone is going to be there to cheer you on, and friendships won’t always last as long as you want them to. Sometimes we befriend the wrong people and falsely believe they’re supposed to be there for us as much as we’re there for them. But most people are too busy or caught up trying to figure out their own lives, especially all throughout their twenties. Or perhaps the people we befriend suffer from depression, or they are constantly unhappy leading to lots of road blocks in your friendship/relationship with them. Either way, you shouldn’t always blame yourself for failed friendships. All sorts of factors are involved.

With that being said, at the end of the day, we also need our friends to help support us and give us that little, extra confidence boost in believing in ourselves and our abilities. True, genuine friendship is a valuable and extremely rare thing to find in my personal opinion. Find the souls that want to see you succeed and do not feel threatened by your advancements. Find the souls that will be there to cheer you on, as well as the souls that are also motivated to constantly challenge themselves. This way, you can all grow together and learn from each other. A strong support system really warms the heart.

Thank you all for reading!

xoxoxo Nico

Photos by me & Trent Barboza


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