Minimalism & Nature

Will has reminded me that once upon a time, long ago, I used to go out a lot and take portraits of my friends. After all, I almost went to a 4-year university for photography, but then realized that’d be a mistake. There was a point in my life where I became the subject, and I was always the one being photographed, which is why I sort of stopped taking photos of people. It’s cool to have a friend that’s really great in front of the camera again. Recently, several people have asked me to take their portraits, and a few people want to take mine, but I’ve been very busy, and I’m HORRIBLE at scheduling dates…I am going to need to change this, because I would love to start photographing more people again!

Of course we all know nature is my favorite place to be, but I would love to start shooting in more urban/cityscapes, and getting accustomed with that. I think I feel more creative in nature because there’s less people and I feel “freer.” And yes, I’m an Earth sign.

What inspires me?

When it comes to portrait photography, I love using natural light, and I’m not a big fan of flash because I mostly shoot in daylight anyways. I sometimes love to bring out the skies or change the hues to create a dreamy atmosphere. When it comes to framing my subjects, I usually prefer a lot of head-space if the background is interesting. Most people tend to focus on just the subject, or blur the background. That’s good for certain shots, but depending on where I am, especially if in nature, it’s cool to use the environment to also help fill the photograph. To me, it’s not just about the subject, but the world around us.

To add to that dreamy effect, I also like to give some of my photos texture, whether it’s grain, a lens flare, or a light leak. And of course, I love minimalism.





Look back at it.















Shot by Will

Stay tuned for future photos. Thanks for stopping by! And I hope everyone has a lovely week.



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