Goodbye March

Another month gone, and only about a month left until my birthday. March went by pretty quickly for me, but maybe that’s because I was having too much fun celebrating birthday after birthday. Have any of you ever celebrated one birthday after another for 5 weeks straight? Well, I can finally cross that off my bucket list. Starting with my aunt’s birthday at the end of February, until almost the end of March for my grandmother’s birthday, every weekend has been a birthday celebration with friends and family. I never realized how many people I knew that were born in March.

I’ve been on Spring break and I basically haven’t wanted to do anything that involves a lot of thinking power (I barely can even write this blog post). My mind feels fried and needs a break to relax. I’ve been zoning out and catching up with movies. Sometimes it’s really hard to focus on your own creative projects when you’re in school.

I FINALLY saw Get Out and I just recently helped my boyfriend out with a kitty litter commercial/short social media ad. It’s so funny how allergic to cats I really am. Over the years though, I’ve developed a soft spot for them. Get Out was SO good!! It had me on edge the whole time. It’s such an important film that everyone should see.

Santa Monica

Camera Shy

I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday earlier this month, and we decided to stop at the beach and hang out around Santa Monica with our friends. Cream & Dreams is this ice cream cafe we stumbled upon around Third Street Promenade. They have unique ice cream flavors, ice cream sandwiches, and even coffee and deep-friend oreo funnel cake. The oreo funnel cake was absolutely delicious.



Will giving Baywatch a run for their money.


Chrystina sharing her mango. Mmm tasty!







I finally bought an Adidas shirt, so naturally I had to style it with my Adidas cap from Topshop and be super extra and wear my gladiator sandals.



When you’re not ready for life.








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