Poppy Reserve 2017

“Let’s go to the Poppy Fields!” Will has been suggesting to me and Trent the past few weeks. “Yes!” I immediately agree. But as the day finally arrives, I’m feeling a little bit under the weather. My body and mind are tired and sluggish. I’m feeling moody, and I’ve already seen countless poppy field photo after poppy field photo on my Instagram feed. But I tell myself that it’s nice to be out and enjoy fresh air, and spending time with friends always helps improve my mood. Why feel grumpy when I have much to be grateful for? Who cares if everyone and their mom has been to the poppy reserves. Life is an adventure, and it really is what you make of it. And this is why I recommend anyone out here in California take a trip up to the poppy reserve at least once in their lives!

And after all that’s been happening in politics/changes to climate change policies, will our future generations even be able to enjoy the poppy reserves as we once did? Just a thought.


This was my second time at the poppy reserve. Each time, it’s always extremely windy! I admit the wind annoys me immensely, especially since my hair is so long now—But that’s what happens when you’re out in areas with nothing but flat plains and empty land. Despite the wind, it was very peaceful. It’s nice to walk around and view rows and rows of bright, orange poppies dancing in the wind. There are different stop locations, and different paths you can take as well when viewing the poppies.

Can you believe I actually barely took any photos on my phone?! I think the wind was a bit distracting, and I had three film cameras on me. I was also finally trying to get more video on my phone, and of course I was trying to be in the moment. As much as I love documenting almost every second of my life and sharing to my Instagram story, sometimes it’s a great feeling to just get back in tune with your inner-self and walk around without any electronic devices in your hands.

Come on wind, work with me here!

Dear Hat, please don’t fly away


Trent taking photos of Will

Out of four attempts to capture photos on my Polaroid and Instax, only ONE (the poppy photo pictured on the right) of them actually came out…I was pretty disappointed in this, since film is so pricey and I HATE wasting shots. Buuuut, c’est la vie. I was supposed to also have 8 shots on my Polaroid when you buy the 20 something dollar film, but I got jipped and there were only 6 shots in total! I was at 3 shots when I got to the Poppy Reserve. The third shot was the one pictured on the left that is a messy blur, and when I tried to take two more, nothing came out of the camera!! And my Instax film got exposed in my half open back pack one day, so some of that film was washed out as well to my dismay. And since it was a very bright day, that didn’t help either. I don’t know what I was thinking, but clearly I was off my game that day…I am happy at least one Instax shot managed to come out.

This is actually a screen shot from video I took on my phone




This is how we express our love. Instead of kissing me on the lips for a romantic photo, he aims for my chin instead, making me crack up. Trent is always so goofy and hilarious. When I’m having a bad day, he’s always there to listen and remind me to laugh and not take life too seriously. When I’m with him, I know that in the end, everything is always going to be alright.




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