The Unhealthy Obsession with Call-Out Culture



I refuse to let the world and negative experiences and people turn me into sour milk.

People have many moods, it’s true. I know I do. But people that are consistently angry or hostile 24/7—especially on social media—turn me off and make me uncomfortable, because it’s just a lot of aggressive and negative energy flowing through your social media feed daily. There’s already enough negativity in the real world, I don’t need it in the online world. Personally, I am officially over it, because I’m so far removed from negativity and most importantly, people that feed off hate. I’m not perfect of course, and in the past I have aggressively called out people I shouldn’t have called out in the way I did, but I learned from my mistakes and continue to move on with life. Life and the people in it will always be complex. Sometimes hostility and hate is a waste of time, and I personally choose to dedicate my time and energy into the good in the world. I refuse to let the world and negative experiences and people turn me into sour milk.

I am happy with myself and my life, therefore I am able to look past the ugly side of life. I have much to be grateful for. For example, I have a roof over my head and food in my belly, and I surround myself with amazing and uplifting people regularly. I’m not trying to say I’m better than anyone or come down on anyone; this way of thinking is just the reason as to why I’m mentally in a good place. Sometimes you just have to focus more on yourself and learn to cultivate good in your life, while you purge and remove yourself from angry cynics that are unhappy with themselves. I have learned by observation and experience that being miserable and hating is NOT the key to success and a fulfilling life. And many people that participate in call-out culture seem to be simply that in the end: miserable human beings that are obsessed with dictating others lives rather than improving and focusing on their own.

Through experience, over the years I’ve noticed a pattern among jaded and spiteful people on social media:

  1. They all tend to generalize and hold onto past negative experiences
  2. They love to impose their views on others and despise almost anyone that disagrees with them rather than respectfully agreeing to disagree (they seem to have very little respect for people that don’t share their negative views—i.e. misery loves its own company)
  3. Instead of constructive criticism, they usually resort to harsh criticism and call people out daily, often in a rude and hostile manner

This tends to happen a lot on mostly Twitter I’ve noticed. Some people have lots of time on their hands and will go to great lengths and create what feels like endless Twitter threads to spread their hate and harsh criticism of the world and hate or displeasure towards other people. Now, I’m the kind of person that will get heated and call out shitty political figures or vapid celebrities like the Kardashians here and there, especially when the Kardashians have been known to steal from independent artists, but to let it take over your whole life and call out everyone and everything all the time? I just find it problematic and here’s why:

✲ It comes off as really bitter and cynical

✲ It’s counterproductive, petty, and immature

✲ No one is free from criticism, therefore when people think they have the self-righteous power to call everyone out, there’s a superiority complex involved and it spreads a lot of negative energy that half the time doesn’t end up solving a damn thing. Instead, more and more people just get angrier at each other (i.e. it’s a breeding ground for animosity)

✲ People that call out other people daily are clearly unhappy with themselves and their own lives, hence why they form an unhealthy obsession with dictating and worrying about other people’s lives

✲ People that call out and hate on others can also be seen as projecting feelings of jealousy towards a person

✲ It’s often seen as unprofessional, especially when you’re a full-grown adult

Call-out culture is typically biased and begrudgingly one-sided, and I think most people get a power trip out of it, because they so desperately desire to be heard (this goes back to insecurities and deeply-rooted issues they haven’t learned to let go of or work out yet with themselves)

You can’t tell people what they can and cannot say, but all I know is that I choose to distance myself from call-out culture. I choose to distance myself from people that abuse their social media platforms for a false sense of superiority and blind hatred toward society and its people. I once almost got sucked up into it and said things I regret, but I have moved forward and refuse to go back. It’s okay to call out people here and there and fight for what you believe in, but some people let it consume them and act high and mighty and like their word is law, thus taking it too far. There’s already enough animosity in the world—I refuse to contribute to it.

Thanks for listening




Featured image by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash


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