Lunar New Year 2018


I haven’t been updating this blog as frequently as I should, but I feel like I get better traction on sites like Instagram or Twitter. I have been thinking about finally buying another domain and migrating most of my photography onto there and possibly retiring this blog since I now use Medium as my main writing platform, but as of now, I am still not sure yet! Does anyone still read this thing?! Haha, I need to know.

So much has happened within the past few months. Here are some recent photos from the Lunar New Year parade in February! I’m happy I was able to actually catch the parade this time around. As always, there was confetti everywhere!

Downtown Los Angeles is always vibrant and bursting with energy on weekends where different cultures come together. It’s moments like these that remind me of how much I could never leave California and Los Angeles. This is my home. It always will be.








I recently bought this cute Sad Face beret from Just Peachy. I think it’s funny and I always joke about how I’m a sad girl deep down inside, so I feel like this beret was meant for me.

Beautiful sunset views from the Ace Hotel give me life. I have always loved Art Deco architecture. It’s what makes Los Angeles, and it’s a reminder of Los Angeles’ humble beginnings.




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