Santa Barbara Weekend Trippin’


I recently went up to Santa Barbara for the weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I forget how many Picses friends I have. I love Picses! Santa Barbara always gives me all the feels. I’ve been coming here on day and weekend trips since I was a kid. It’s just that perfect place to temporarily get away for a bit and admire the ocean views. It’s interesting to see how the city has evolved and changed over time.

Honestly, I admit at first I was skeptical of this trip because of the storm watch and floods that have been going on out in Santa Barbara. Miraculously, on the entire trip down it didn’t rain at all. And once we got there, although it was cool and a bit cloudy, there was still no rain to stop us! Oh Mother Nature, how you always love to keep us on our toes and surprise us when we least expect it.


“Totally Awesome” by Chadillac Green, inspired by the king of the 80’s, Patrick Nagel.


Our Lyft driver recommended we stop at the Funk Zone and I’m glad we listened to her. I’ve walked by it before but never actually walked around and stopped at the winery’s or breweries. I’m glad we eventually got to check it out on Saturday. It almost reminds me of the Art District in L.A. There’s a lot of cool street art as well to check out. Overall, it’s just a nice area to hang out and catch up with friends.


Blue Frida at The Funk Zone



Mocha golden ale
Art studio at the Funk Zone


We didn’t stop at the Lucky Penny but I really loved the exterior because there are actual pennies all over the building.

Wall art at Baja Sharkeez in Downtown Santa Barbara
I think this sign speaks for itself







On the way back we stopped in Ventura to enjoy the view and stretch our feet. It was great to get away for a bit and enjoy the moment and spend time with friends. I have so much to do and there are projects I still need to get done, so the next several months will definitely be busy and productive. I’m excited. Thanks for reading!



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