Nicolette Michelle is a Southern Californian native and modern day witch. Friends call her Nico. She writes, blogs, and loves to take photos, and is currently pursuing her English/Creative Writing degree. To quote a classmate: “She loves to start her day with coffee, and is a firm believer in breakfast.” Her fashion sense is very minimal, and she is obsessed with hats, particularly berets. She loves hiking and getting lost in nature.


Nicolette Michelle has been writing and journaling since the age of seven, and discovered her love for photography at the age of eight. She has shot event photography, dance performances, weddings, and studio and portrait photos. She has also assisted in on-set photography for video productions/music videos. Companies/brands she has collaborated with on her blog include: Polette Eyewear, Dresslink, Teazenz, and Teavivre. She has also collaborated and was once featured riding her bike in a cycling magazine ad for UK bike lock company Hiplok.

What can you find here?

Nicolette Michelle is a lifestyle blog, mixed with fashion and photography, focusing on her adventures in and around L.A. She also loves to share portraits of friends/loved ones. From time to time you will also find interviews of up and coming creatives, bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs. When not blogging or writing about the “pretty things,” she also loves to share her thoughts on politics and society. When running a platform, she believes it’s important to also remember to spread awareness and help speak up on important issues to promote change.


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