Late Bloomer



Mother’s day has passed, and my birthday is less than a few days away. This past month I have had a lot on my mind. I can’t help but reflect on how much I have grown and accomplished after all these years. I have always joked that I’m a late bloomer, and it’s true. Certain people accomplish goals in a short amount of time or by a certain age. And for others, it takes years and years of growth, painful stumble after painful stumble, and so much belief in themselves and their abilities in order to blossom into the person they are truly meant to be. Because if not for belief in yourself, then nothing amazing will ever really come to you.

In the past, I passed up opportunities, and instead of knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I always felt so lost and confused. I spent most of my early twenties going in circles with my feelings, and what I wanted to accomplish in life. The paths I took have many twist and turns, and it has many dead ends. My life has been one long, and complicated maze thus far. But here I am today, and through all the hardship and endless tears of frustration and anger at myself, I have blossomed so much. I feel accomplished. I feel amazing. I feel great! But it’s not over yet. This journey has been a wild ride. I am ready for one last year before this chapter of my life finally soon comes to a close.

Here are some photos from the end of April and this month!  I am celebrating life so much now. More so than I ever have before. I strive to live a “colorful life” daily. I want to fill the world with love and joy. And through my photographs, I hope I can continue to reflect this.











Will Haynes



Bag from Jump From Paper




I’m excited to write in my new “I’m Over It” notebook. I found this today at a used bookstore. Walking around bookstores always makes me feel nostalgic, because there’s so few of them now. What was even funnier is that they were playing older songs I used to listen to back when there were more bookstores around and I was frequenting them more often. It was as if I had traveled back to 2008-2010. It was bittersweet and quite fitting, considering my birthday approaches. All I can say is that I am happy for the present, and the future.



Photos of me by Trent Barboza & William Haynes.

If you haven’t already, also be sure to watch my latest video at the Getty Villa!



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